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Detailed analysis of internal bearing clearance

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Bearing in operation, the temperature rise so that the outer ring temperature changes, will install clearance reduction, while the load is applied to the rolling bodies and rings elastically deformed, will increase the clearance. Operating clearance is slightly larger than usual installation clearance, in order to get the most satisfactory work performance, you should select the appropriate clearance work.
Bearing through a certain amount of negative clearance requirement may have some bearing preload, aims to improve the rigidity of the bearing, the bearing life can be improved; when the preload exceeds the upper limit of the optimum range, bearing rigidity increment little friction and heat has increased dramatically, but also a sharp decline in bearing life. When clearance is too large, the load-bearing rolling elements fewer, larger body to withstand the maximum load of the rolling bearing life will be reduced.
Therefore, the choice of internal clearance, should be considered in addition to bearing operating conditions (such as load, speed, temperature, etc.) and bearing the use of performance requirements (such as vibration and noise, friction torque, rotation accuracy, etc.), but also consider bearing installation shrinkage after clearance work the effects of temperature on clearance.

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