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NTN Announces Packaging Changes to Combat Counterfeit Products

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NTN has introduced a new label and packaging design aimed at preventing the distribution of counterfeit bearings while improving customer convenience and the NTN brand. The label and packaging updates will be instituted on NTN’s Precision Rolling Bearing products used in applications such as machine tools.

The new package design uses black for the base color and emphasizes the NTN brand in blue, which is its corporate color. The new product label will use a hologram that is difficult to counterfeit and will also be printed with several types of micro characters that cannot be distinguished with the naked eye. The product label on the package also displays detailed measurement values so that the package does not need to be opened to check the contents. Furthermore, the customer can read product data, such as the inspection precision, by scanning a QR code printed on the label using a dedicated application to help determine that it is a genuine NTN product.

NTN will continue to strengthen its countermeasures against counterfeit bearings while continuing to work on establishing a system to ensure that our customers can trust that the NTN products they use are of highest quality.

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